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How do I know I am pregnant

In most all cases women begin to suspect pregnancy only delay the onset of menses. It even happens that the good news the expectant mother learns at the second or third month. But after looking and listening to your body, some conclusions can be made much earlier. Naturally, your guess is still will have to confirm a gynecologist, who will deliver a final "diagnosis" only after the ultrasound. But for myself it would be useful to know about the pregnancy as soon as possible, because in the first few weeks the fetus is very sensitive to all the factors: lifestyle and habits of the mothers will largely determine the health and life of a child in the future. Symptoms of early pregnancy in different women are often the same or similar. But often there are individual reactions to the changes occurring in it. We will help you to deal with your health.

, there is a very high probability of pregnancy if in the recent past you have had sexual intercourse, and now you see at some of the following symptoms of early pregnancy. Characteristic symptoms of early pregnancy Observations were newly-pregnant for a long time. Long before the advent of ultrasound, our ancestors could accurately establish that held pregnancy, although the case in this practice and cruel mistake. However, centuries of experience is used in the home today. Reliability of "diagnosis" of the first symptoms of pregnancy even recognize themselves gynecologists. On the ensuing pregnancy you will prompt the following significant symptoms in the early stages: absence of regular menses. This is the first and very likely a symptom of pregnancy, which every woman knows. But not always delayed menstruation is a fact of conception took place. Menstrual irregularities may occur on a huge variety of reasons, not related to the pregnancy. Increased basal body temperature.

 This symptom is relevant only for those women who lead chart BT. It is not a hundred percent proof consisted of conception, but overall pretty authentic. In pregnancy basal temperature rises to 37C or higher and held at these elevations. Changes in the chest. Many women's breasts become so sensitive that any touch to it cause pain and severe irritation. Even the usual wear a bra becomes unbearable! A woman may observe a meager allocation from the breast - is the future of colostrum. At the same time the chest is filled, becomes severe, venous mesh can be covered. Occasionally "spider veins" also appear on the legs. Mood swings. Woman becomes very vulnerable, whiny, hypochondriac. It can flare up at the slightest pretext and depressed due to a broken nail.

 A fit of rage abruptly give way to bursts of joy and fun. Along with the increased sensitivity of breast woman often writes off everything on premenstrual syndrome. Runny nose. Nasal congestion in early pregnancy is due to changes in hormonal levels. Because of this, you may receive the snoring at night, can not be excluded and nosebleeds. Many women suffer from the common cold to the last days of pregnancy: postpartum all as a hand shoots. Well, if you make out her pregnancy now, because as the common cold during pregnancy to treat virtually impossible. Drowsiness, fatigue. Even a few hours before dinner, you're already on your teeth fall. No coffee, no discharge of early to bed the day before does not help: sleepy just killer! At work, you begin to play a trick on this occasion, but does not increase the positive: how to cope with the responsibilities when you are just a faint and dizzy ... could aggravate sleepiness and insomnia aggravated today in spite of the fatigue and weakness, and sometimes sleep is impossible. Malaise. In general, there is a certain weakness: body aches, chills, may even raise the temperature to subfebrile levels. In addition to the previous signs of such a pattern is often perceived as the beginning of the flu. Well, if you decide to sit on the sick - more rest you now can not hurt. Various pain. It is not unfortunate, but it's a fact: with the onset of pregnancy may appear a variety of pain.

 Many women say that they have a headache, chest, abdomen, back or lower back, legs, arms ... a kind of danger are nagging pains in the abdomen, accompanied by a slight spotting. If you think you have a pregnancy, you should consult a gynecologist: maybe there is a threat of miscarriage. But in general, these pains will be accompanied by a woman during the period: the uterus is growing all the time and keep it stretched ligament that is quite tangible for the expectant mother. Exacerbation of chronic diseases. To all this can worsen inflammation, lurking in your body. If you first suffered kidney or other diseases, it is very likely they will make themselves felt today. One of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy - thrush. Also, quite often there are calf cramps, especially at night. Talk to your doctor and start taking calcium supplements. Frequent urination. The uterus begins to grow from the earliest stages of pregnancy, putting pressure on the bladder. Often forced to run to the toilet and can be aggravated urinary infection. Dark spots. Most often darker halos nipples and belly line leading from the navel to the pubis. But overall pigmentation can appear anywhere. Many women notice one morning that their face is covered with brown spots: experts call this phenomenon chloasma, and the people - the mask of pregnancy. So you are unlikely to like it, but, thank God, it's not forever. Bloating, constipation, heartburn. Disorders of the digestive processes and the work of the gastrointestinal tract will be accompanied by a woman throughout the entire period of gestation. Some of the manifestations appear at the earliest timing: increased flatulence, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, bloating, constipation or stool disorders, heartburn.

 Changing tastes. Complete chaos going on and with your culinary preferences. Strawberries or cherries want in the middle of winter can, in principle, each one of us. But dreaming of treats that before you on the spirit can not be digested, can only be a pregnant woman. Often the woman in the position of receiving frantic taste the pleasure of the combination to be combined with each other products - are already a fact on the face ... By the way, your appetite may also change any of the parties. Increased sense of smell. Not surprisingly, to smells in such a scenario, you can be very sensitive. From favorite perfume just turn up and Spilled Milk in an apartment across the street hear first. Nausea, vomiting. This symptom is most popular among the people, even though in reality it is not the first place. Early morning sickness is actually experienced by many pregnant women, but not all and not always. If vomiting happen too often, and you start to lose weight, you should consult your doctor immediately. Otherwise, nothing to worry about: looking for ways to deal with toxicity. Increased salivation. By the way, do not be surprised if the saliva is beginning to stand out in large volumes: this is normal and will soon pass, but certainly some discomfort still delivers: still okay when saliva flows from the mouth during sleep, but sometimes it just splashes during a call or laughter - is the interlocutor may not like. Also in the early stages can be observed copious cables. If you are tested for HCG, it will certainly be increased. "Strange" and unusual symptoms of early pregnancy for young girls and women who might be pregnant for the first time any of the symptoms may seem strange. But all of the above - it's a classic, so to speak. However, every body is different and may respond to the pregnancy sometimes very unpredictable. The following symptoms also occur, but are relatively rare: the appearance of facial hair and body hair; metallic taste in the mouth; drop-acrylic nail extensions (they break off at the base); the appearance of blush on the cheeks; itchy palms.

 In addition, each body can and does behave unpredictably. If you see some of his peculiar symptoms of early pregnancy, then share with other women: perhaps this will help them to recognize the long-awaited pregnancy at home. As the period when suspected pregnancy confirmed, can gradually add all new symptoms: itching of the skin of the abdomen, swelling of hands and feet, and others. We focus your attention on what is the list of probable symptoms of pregnancy.

 They are not an occasion for an accurate diagnosis, it can only be done by the doctor. And even suspect at pregnancy is possible only by a combination of a few of the possible symptoms. But we wish you to result in any case appeared to you such as you would expect. Be happy!

كيف اعرف اني حامل من المنزل فقط

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Basal body temperature during pregnancy to delay

Each female body is different and differently able to respond to the same change. But there are processes that occur in all women equally. May differ just a few indicators. These concerns and ovulation, as well as related changes. Within a month, a woman's body is constantly taking place some processes. Everything revolves around the egg, which is preparing to become a potential ancestor of your offspring. During its maturation, output, and further development is mainly hormonal changes. You experience mood swings, change the nature of vaginal discharge, changes in appetite, mood and many other reactions. Among other changes, and basal temperature.

The woman does not feel these changes, but if it is a graph of basal temperature, you see that the figures depend on the ovulation. This release egg from the ovary and is a kind of reference point. Normal basal temperature during pregnancy On the third or fourth day after the monthly BT is in the range 36,5-36,9 ° C. Such a temperature range creates optimal conditions for ripening in the next stage of the egg. Toward the middle of the cycle (or rather, just before ovulation, which occurs at all on different days of the cycle) basal temperature drops sharply, only to rise sharply as well. However, this temperature fluctuation can not be, but simply a marked increase in basal temperature over the first phase of the cycle - at least 0,4oS, which is an indication of the ensuing ovulation. With the onset of ovulation indicators basal temperature rise upwards - to the marks in the 37 ° C and above (37,2-37,4oS). Different women, these figures may not be the same, but to ovulation took place, the temperature difference between the phases should reach an average of 0.5 degrees. Increased basal body temperature - "handiwork" of progesterone, which is activated after ovulation in order to ensure the most favorable conditions for life and development of the egg. See also If conception takes place, the progesterone will continue to work, keeping the basal temperature at higher elevations. In the case of "no-load" release of the egg pregnancy hormone levels will gradually decrease in favor of estrogen under the influence of which there is a gradual reduction of BT before the next menstruation. During menstruation BT is quite low: the day before her graduation, she averages 36,3oS. Suspected pregnancy may be to delay when the basal temperature is held after the increase at high elevations for 18 days and more and to delay the onset is not reduced. Basal body temperature during pregnancy to indicate the delay of conception, if it is held at the highest level for 3 days longer than usually begins to decline before menstruation.

 In addition, a high probability of pregnancy, says the appearance of the third phase of the schedule, when the rise after ovulation BT increases again in the late luteal phase. If you see a decrease of BT for one day during its persistent increase, it is almost certain that we can talk about pregnancy. Experts call this phenomenon "implantation retraction", which is accompanied by the release of estrogen and occurs daily fixing of a fertilized egg to the uterus. How to measure the basal temperature basal body temperature during pregnancy to delay the woman may hint about what happened the conception of one of the first among all the symptoms. However, to obtain reliable data should keep the schedule BT, at least for 4-6 months in a row without breaking the rules of the basal body temperature: the test is performed, without getting out of bed and do not make any sudden movements. The duration of sleep before measuring BT must be at least 6 hours (no night trips to the bathroom or the kitchen).

 To measure the BT always use the same thermometer. Any factors that can affect the measurement result (somehow borne illness, stress, insomnia, sexual intercourse shortly before the measurement, alcohol or drugs, etc.) must be marked on the chart. Many of us are measuring BT precisely to get pregnant: watching the data graph, trying to calculate the most favorable period for the fatal sexual intercourse. Although in reality the stability schedule BT is considered an indicator of women's health and the condition of her reproductive system. Therefore, to conduct such measurements gynecologists recommend every mature woman.


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The first signs of pregnancy to delay

A few days after the egg is fertilized by sperm and pregnancy a woman's body can "signal" about it. Why it is important to be able to recognize these signals? What are the significant and likely to delay the signs of pregnancy? Let's deal together. Significant signs of early pregnancy - is the formation of the fetus vital organs. The state of health of the mother during this period depends on the degree of "bookmarks" of healthy baby. For example, if the week, when the child has formed the heart of the woman "caught" herpes, acute respiratory infections, then the baby increases the likelihood of heart disease. Women who do not plan to become mothers should also not miss the deadlines. After an abortion will take place with less complications if done in the early stages. So, on the grounds of how it can be determined that the pregnancy? The basal temperature. If it is kept at 37 degrees or slightly higher, this may indicate pregnancy.

signs of pregnancy

 But on this issue there are a number of subjective factors affecting the accuracy of the thermometer. For example, the increased temperature may be due to the sexual act, which took place a few hours before the temperature measurement. Does the testimony, even going to the toilet for 2 hours before measurement. Accurate measurement results can be obtained in the morning, lying in bed, when up to 6-7 hours of the woman was in a calm state. Read also the first signs of pregnancy after a delay the first signs of pregnancy after conception Early signs of pregnancy to delay signs of pregnancy in the first few days Signs of early pregnancy Pregnancy test. Positive indication with two strips it becomes 10-14 days after conception, and every other day thereafter. It's worth noting that manufacturers test and doctors recommend them to do after the start of the delay. Then the result will be more accurate. "Mistakes" test in the early stages due to the fact that the concentration of the hCG hormone that affects the result of the test is too small.

 If there is a great desire to try, then you need to buy jet tests. A blood test for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). It should be emphasized that there is a positive test result and in cases of diseases such as kidneys. Such hormonal signs of pregnancy to delay monthly for today are considered to be reliable. Probable (relative) signs of pain in the breasts. Some women within a few days after conception beginning to feel like their breasts are sealed. They are very painful, begins to stand out from the nipple colostrum. Other ascertain even a slight increase in breast size. But sometimes these symptoms can be symptoms of breast disease. That is, if an interesting position has not been confirmed, but the pain remained, you must seek the advice of mammologu. Toxicosis. Usually, at the earliest stages of pregnancy nausea weakly expressed. Sometimes women are confused with the first signs of pregnancy poisoning.

 Toxicosis include a noticeable increase in appetite. Pain in the lower abdomen. These symptoms occur in the first days after conception. But they can be a sign of a miscarriage or approaching menstruation. In pregnancy, such pains are rare and irregular. Implantation bleeding. It is hardly bleeding : اعراض الحمل .

 A few drops of blood on a woman can find lingerie between the introduction of the egg in the uterine wall. But it's a rare trait, and it is only in some women. By the way, this phenomenon is often confused with intermenstrual bleeding. But, as a rule, in this case a few drops of all ends. Traditional, heavy bleeding starts. These are the first signs of pregnancy to delay. We remind you that it is only the individual signals of a possible interesting position, as well, and dreams of fish.

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pregnancy As we have seen

 pregnancy As we have seen
  week of pregnancy. As we have seen in the material of the first week of pregnancy الحمل والولادة , as it is now a baby in my mother's tummy yet, but in a woman's body processes are actively occurring, preparing it for conception.

1 week of pregnancy
3 Weeks Pregnant
It was the second week of pregnancy is the development and maturation of about 20 follicles, one of which will soon burst out of him freed mature egg and wait for their fertilization. This process in the female body is called ovulation and at this time the chance of getting pregnant highest. In order to "date" the egg and sperm have been the most successful, is to determine the cherished date of ovulation as precisely as possible.

2 weeks of pregnancy

Obstetrician-gynecologist Mark Mayorov said: "Ovulation - the mechanism moody, and can occur in different ways in different ovaries. In some women, ovulation can be several times a week, this is one of the reasons when pregnancy occurs "suddenly". Ovulation can not attack a few months, if the body suffered severe stress, such as diet or serious illness. Also, the problem of the variability observed in ovulation recently given birth and breastfeeding women, as well as at women older than 35-40 years. "

In order to properly determine the day of ovulation is to use ovulation test, or listen to your body, because the wise nature is always giving us tips.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the female organism physiological symptoms of ovulation can be:

Pain in the ovary from which the egg;
short-term pain in the abdomen;
jump basal body temperature;
increased vaginal discharge.
On how to measure the basal temperature and what to tell the provision of a thermometer, we talked in detail in one of our materials. If the graph of basal temperature will be built correctly, you will be able to see and draw a line of so-called ovulation, which will point you in the days, the most successful for conception. You can also take advantage of our service and using an online ovulation calendar to calculate the required date directly on the site UAUA.info.

2 weeks of pregnancy

You are most accurately calculated the day of ovulation and are confident that now the egg is ready for fertilization? If you deliberately plan to completion, it is now necessary to begin active operations to "love life." Do not forget that fertilization can not occur during the day after ovulation, but the male sperm are viable in the woman's body for about three days. Thus, conception can occur if you engage in sexual intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation.

To determine ovulation as possible with the help of several ultrasound procedures. At the end of menstruation, usually on day 7 after the start, the gynecologist conducts ultrasound using a vaginal probe. Monitoring is carried out at a degree of formation of follicles, and in the case of dominant, bigger in size compared to the other, one can speak of an existing ovulation. Upon reaching the follicles of 18-20 mm. start ovulation, after which the follicle will disappear and in its place formed by the corpus luteum. If the menstrual cycle is regular, ultrasound can be performed 2-3 days before the expected ovulation cycle.

Armed with the results of US, which give the expectant mother has a lot of confidence in a positive outcome, pay as much attention to sexual relations. The most "reliable" poses for pregnancy: missionary and knee-elbow. After completion of the doctors recommend that women do not make any sudden movements, and lie down in a quiet position, on average, 20 minutes.

Parallel processes of ovulation in the female body is endothermic cycle - with the help of hormones secreted by the ovaries, uterus wall preparing for the accession of a fertilized egg. In general, the fact that a woman can be a mother, our body prepares during each ovulation.

2 weeks of pregnancy

Tramp Yulia V., an obstetrician-gynecologist, a reproductive clinic human reproduction "Alternative" says: "There are often questions about the medication plan and after pregnancy. If a pair of high-grade diet and the parents are practically healthy, the addition in the planning period of conception can take nothing. The only vitamin that is recommended for the prevention of fetal malformations is folic acid, which can be taken for 1-3 months before planning pregnancy. If a woman is not aware of the pregnancy, she is taking any medications, the experience is not necessary. In the first two weeks is not yet fully formed utero-placental blood flow and the negative impact of drugs should not be. From bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.) should be abandoned. Men in the planning period of conception should abandon the settlements baths, saunas and other thermal treatments. "

Of course, if we consider the second week in terms of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, then consider the second week of pregnancy does not seem possible, since the woman is still only preparing to become a mother, and inside it has not originated a new life. Due to the fact that the actual conception has not occurred, and there is no common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, discharge or odor intolerance.

the second week of pregnancy

A pregnancy test at week 2 also shows a negative result due to the fact that the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that the female body begins to vigorously develop just when the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus is not elevated. Barely visible second strip pregnancy test can show only 12-14 days after fertilization.

It now is the time to take care of their health and the state of the future baby: with your favorite try to create around of new life aura of love and understanding.

2 weeks of pregnancy

Of course, thinking about the pregnancy can be exciting for a young couple, because the child will radically change your life. But thanks to him, you will never feel lonely, learn to enjoy such an important detail and understand that now the world will be the most expensive one man who will always love you infinitely only for the fact that you - his parents.

The first month of pregnancy

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5 ways definition of pregnancy

definition of pregnancy

Just learned that the pregnant woman is already dreaming of the day when the baby is born. But just calculate it can be used only if the birth took place in a test tube, under the eye of the microscope and ultrasound. In all other cases - and they are, of course, the majority - doctors have left quite a few reliable ways to determine the expected delivery date (PRD).

Determination of gestational age on the date of the last menstrual period

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Determination of gestational age on the date of the last menstrual period

As defined. On the first visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist sure to ask about the first day of the last menstrual period before the onset of pregnancy. The doctor then uses a formula Negele - from the first day of the last menstrual period takes 3 months and add 7 days. If a cycle is shorter than 28 days from the date must be subtracted from the obtained difference (e.g., 3 days, if the cycle is 25 days). If the cycle is longer than a few days, it is the number of days should be added to the PRD.

How accurate? Well, if a woman keeps a calendar of critical days and accurately remember the beginning of your last menstrual period. The problem may be that in normal pregnancy can last 38 weeks, and 42. In addition, this method works well enough only if an expectant mother no problems with the cycle, it uniform and well-established, and each cycle lasts exactly 28 days. In this case, the pregnancy will, most likely, it last 280 days, or 10 obstetric months starting from the first day of the last menstruation.

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Determination of gestational age on the day of ovulation

As calculated. When a cycle of 28 days ovulation occurs exactly on the 14th day. Now we add to this day 38 weeks - and ready: here it is, the expected day of delivery!

How accurate? Many women have a cycle deviation in one direction or another. The gap between periods may be 25 days and 32-33. The day of ovulation in this case is determined by the way - it always occurs 14 days before the next menstrual period after him. But still, these estimates are not very accurate. For mature egg lives of up to two days, and sperm can live inside the female body and five days after intercourse. Best of all, this method works if the time interval between unprotected sex acts at least 6 weeks.

Determination of gestational age by ultrasound

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Determination of gestational age by results of US

As calculated. Based on years of observation and research compiled tables that gestational age is compared to the size of the fetus (from the coccyx to the crown), the circumference of his head and chest, thigh length. In the early stages the "age" of pregnancy may be determined by the value of the ovum.

How accurate? This method is today considered the most accurate. But it's best to carry it out in the first trimester - for the term of 4 to 13 weeks. At this time, sizes of fruits at different women do not differ from each other, and it is possible to set the term of pregnancy (and hence assume when labor begins) up to days. The later measurements are carried out, the greater the error. In the second and third trimester the fetus is affected by many factors: genetic, hereditary, the nuances of power, etc. Therefore, the size of future children can vary greatly, and the delivery date is determined not as precise as we would like.

How to have a healthy baby?
A practical guide for parents dream of a healthy and happy detyah18 +
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Determination of gestational age on the results of the survey

As calculated. During the first visit, the doctor examines, in which can estimate the size of the pregnant uterus and its standing height of the bottom and accurately establish the period of pregnancy.

How accurate? Even an experienced doctor - not a magician. The size of the uterus, and therefore the height of standing its bottom is largely dependent on the size of the child, the amount of amniotic fluid, the presence of pathologies (such as fibroids). Therefore, the lower the gestational age, the more accurate the measurement - and the definition of the expected date of birth.

Determination of gestational age on the date of the first perturbation
Определение срока беременности по дате первого шевеления
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Determination of gestational age on the date of the first perturbation

As calculated. It is believed that during the first pregnancy a woman can feel the fetal movements in the mid-term pregnancy is about 20 weeks. If the second pregnancy, the date of the first stirring of coming a little earlier - in the 18 th week. Remember this day, and adding to it 20 (or 22) weeks, a woman can calculate the day of delivery.

How accurate? Some expectant mothers claim that their first feel the baby much earlier - in the 17th and even the 15th week of pregnancy. It may be a mistake (for perturbations easily take peristalsis), but can also be true. In addition, we must remember that thin women with high sensitivity to detect motion before baby full. Much depends on the place of attachment of the placenta - is located on the front wall, it prevents to feel baby. The fruit itself can be active or inactive - it also affects the mother's feelings. In short, the error in the determination of a few weeks of the DA in this way - is not uncommon.

Even if you use all the methods for determining the expected date of delivery, the expectant mother is not immune to surprises. Only 40% of children are punctual and born on term of 40 weeks, the exact day of the alleged birth - and even less. The kid can hurry to the light, and can stay in the mother's tummy. So when turned 38 weeks of pregnancy, you need to be ready to go to the hospital every day of the next month.

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successful birth

Today, the questions 7ya.ru responsible chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the Department of Health in Moscow, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Mark Abramovich Kurtser. From 1994 to 2012 headed the Kurtser "Center of Family Planning and Reproduction" in the Sevastopol Avenue, in late 2012 he opened the largest in the Russian Clinical Hospital "Lapino." The new clinic, we are talking with Mark Arkadievich an increase in fertility, how to get free IVF, and whether you want to take delivery of her husband.
 successful birth
M.A.Kurtser: '' In Moscow, recorded a record fertility '

- Now everywhere I say that the birth rate is rising. It's true?

- Yes. In Moscow last year in Moscow there are more than 130 thousand families - a record. I work in obstetrics and gynecology for more than thirty years, and I can remember the first time such a high figure. In addition, it is the highest value among the regions of Russia. About a third of women giving birth in Moscow - nonresident who reside and work in Moscow.

- What is the increase in the birth rate?

- Here, in my view, a number of reasons. Firstly, it is social security and material well-being. With the growth of welfare and social support and increases fertility. Secondly, it is the tradition and fashion. On the one hand, all religions forbid abortion, on the other, has now become popular to have many children, parents with many children are respected in society - I notice.

But the main reason, in my opinion, is the possibility of modern medicine. Modern ways of dealing with infertility, pregnancy conservation methods and care after childbirth allow couples to have children that were previously considered infertile. With the power of medicine is increasing the birth rate and the infant mortality rate is reduced, this trend can be seen in all developed countries, including ours.

If the experience of the birth of the first child was healthy, if a woman has got a professional, caring physicians, she wants to give birth and the second and third child. The main thing is to create all conditions. This is what we, as professionals, are doing.

- What has changed in the last five years?

- To increase the average age at first birth. On the whole, were more patients who give birth after thirty or even forty years after. And then, and more typical of the more affluent developed countries. In addition, significantly more was repeated delivery. Now, almost half, or more precisely, 45 percent - the second and third generations.

It is also interesting that in the last seven years, three times increase in the number of multiple pregnancies, including because of the growing popularity of means of dealing with infertility as the IVF (in vitro fertilization)

Chief obstetrician-gynecologist Moscow Healthcare Department, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Mark Abramovich Kurtser

- In Moscow there registry couples who receive free IVF. How to get into it, when it is impossible to conceive on their own?

- First of all it is necessary that a qualified doctor has the appropriate diagnosis and determined that there are indications for IVF - and there are no contraindications. Through antenatal information about the patient falls into the registry of the city Department of Health - and the patient is registered in line for two free treatments. The register has been more than seven years, each year it registered 2.5 thousand people, and about 1,500 each year free pass IVF. Pay in vitro fertilization in Moscow is 60 to 90 thousand rubles, excluding the cost of drugs.

Order N 195 of April 28, 2007. "On the organization of work towards the treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies from the budget of the city of Moscow" can be seen here
- Does a cesarean popular today, and the patient is asked to do it even without any apparent medical condition?

- No, the procedure is unlikely to be called popular. There is a very small percentage of patients who themselves want to be made a cesarean section, but the vast majority of women prefer natural childbirth. There are those who want to give birth at home.

- How do you feel about home birth?
 successful birth
- It is negative because it is very dangerous. I have extensive experience in the treatment of such patients. Recently we got to resuscitation woman who gave birth at home. It brought heavy bleeding and the remnants of the placenta, so we barely saved her. In the process of childbirth can start bleeding or pressure rise sharply, a woman may lose consciousness, she can stop the heart. If you develop severe complications at home, without access to intensive care, it is a serious risk to life. After all, no one comes to mind at home doing heart surgery or cut appendicitis? Childbirth also require skilled care and special conditions.

- Advocates of home birth refer to the nature and centuries of history.

- Yes, but then you should be prepared for the risk of death that exists in vivo. Modern medicine allows you to save the maximum number of newborns. Today, 24 children die of 100 thousand. The last one to die from a thousand babies. By the way, and the average life expectancy in those days reached 35 years.

- Does the program of birth certificates, started in 2006? Does the bear in the Moscow hospital certificate received in the Moscow region, and vice versa?

- The place where the certificate is received, does not matter: the Far East makes it possible to give birth certificate in Moscow. The meaning of the generic certificate is that the maternity hospital births for every 6,000 rubles underpaid, this additional incentive funding. However, it is important to remember that the law birth certificate is accepted only municipal institutions and private clinics do not accept them.

M.A.Kurtser: '' In Moscow, recorded a record fertility '

- However, there are situations where giving birth is denied admission, sending her to another hospital.

- Yes, if there is a medical condition, or if the hospital is full. There is a very popular maternity hospitals, where it is very difficult to get.

- What determines the choice of anesthesia during childbirth?

- When natural childbirth worldwide used epidurals desired patient. When cesarean section is spinal anesthesia, which differs from the epidural injection site and dose. If during natural childbirth complications arose and urgently needs an operation, sometimes it is necessary to resort to general anesthesia when the pain medication into the blood. However, doctors around the world are moving away from the general anesthesia for the benefit of epidural or spinal anesthesia, it is not harmful for either mother or child.

- How do you feel about childbirth with her husband, partner? Indeed the presence of her husband there is a benefit?

- We believe it is an important condition for the successful delivery psychological comfort women. 98 percent of patients Clinical Hospital "Lapino" come to birth with a spouse or with someone from relatives. Husband or other close person will certainly help their participation, care and support - and a woman is easier to relax and tune in to a successful birth.

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The main questions of pregnant women

Chief obstetrician-gynecologist Moscow Department of Health, Professor Mark Kurtser, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the founder of a network of clinics, "Mother and Child" answers the most pressing medical and legal issues that arise in women during pregnancy. We met with the professor in the suburban Kurtser Lapin, which recently opened its new multi-hospital.
pregnant women
The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

- What if a doctor delays the issuance of exchange cards? Our reader tells us that in the 34 weeks of pregnancy its exchange card is not yet ready, and the doctor says, "There will be time - I will write." Which documents are governed by these terms?

- According to the Order № 50 dated February 10, 2003 "On improvement of obstetric care in the outpatient clinics," exchange card issued by the maternity hospital of a pregnant woman's doctor consultations hands for 22-23 weeks. If the doctor has not given an exchange card in time, you need to appeal to the head of female consultation.

- By law, held two mandatory screening for genetic diseases - in 10-13 weeks and the second at 14-20. Some refuse to consult a second screening, if the results first showed no abnormalities. Is this legitimate?

- No, it is not justified and should insist on holding it. First Screening does not give an absolute guarantee, which is why international standards require a second screening, regardless of the results of the first. According to statistics, two consultations genetics allow to detect and prevent violations of ninety-eight percent of the tab of the unborn child and other birth defects. The accuracy of screening is significantly lower, so it is important to insist on a second.

- US today - the most popular study during pregnancy. How do you feel about the oft-repeated US? Is it accurate and reliable research?

- Ultrasound is not a danger to the woman or to her unborn child. Accuracy and credibility to the results obtained as a result of ultrasound depends on the device and on the experience of the specialist. Ultrasound should be done according to indications, but sometimes can serve as a pretext and a desire of the future mother.

- How many days as possible can give a hospital a pregnant woman?

- If the child is in the womb of one or the 140 days if two or more - on 194 days. Also, given the additional sick leave for 16 days in the case of delivery by caesarean section, either during childbirth in the manual examination of the uterus.

- What is "sick with an open date" and is it true that it is given at discharge from the hospital with complications of pregnancy?

- Sick leave is issued with an open date, if the patient is discharged from hospital and sent under supervision in the community, or sent to another hospital.

Pregnancy and childbirth: where to go with questions or complaints?
On the website of the Department of Health is receiving complaints.

Obstetric and gynecological care
(495) 681-00-60

"Helpline" obstetric services
(495) 332-21-13 (open from 9 to 18:00 on weekdays).
- More and more often referred to the diagnosis of "missed abortion". Indeed such cases has increased or changed diagnosis?

- Developing pregnancy from 10 to 15 percent of all pregnancies, and the tendency to increase them is observed. Development of pregnancy may stop due to hormonal disorders, genetic mutations fetal infections or disorders in blood coagulation system.

- Can be in the early stages so that the fetal heartbeat can not be heard, but he was alive?

- Yes, it happens. Always seen on ultrasound ovum small size, and as it grows to 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart begins to render.
pregnant women
- What are the indications for elective caesarean section?

- The most common indications for operative delivery - a pregnancy resulting from IVF, repeated cesarean delivery, placenta previa or breech largest fruit. Also recommend a cesarean section may be related professionals, such as ophthalmologists or trauma.

- The decision to accept cesarean section female physician consultation or need further advice? In what period of time, such a direction?

- The final decision in the maternity ward, which receives the woman or by the obstetrician or in complicated cases with the participation of the consultation, the term is very dependent on the situation.

- Is it possible after a cesarean section to give birth in the next pregnancy on their own? Is it worth the risk?

- Before allowing a woman to give birth via the natural way, the physician should evaluate the many factors: the quality of the uterine scar remaining after suffering a cesarean section, the weight and position of the baby in the womb, and much more. During childbirth can also be an urgent need for caesarean section. Until the next delivery after the operation must be at least three years.

- Is it important early attachment baby to the breast after birth, and later cutting of the umbilical cord?

- Yes, initiation of breastfeeding is very important, so the clinic "Mother and Child" we are creating the conditions for it. We are putting the baby to the breast immediately after birth, and not only after a natural birth, but after cesarean section - before completing the operation.

- Are there any regulations governing time after the birth mother can give a child the first time?

- If the child does not need special care and observation, the first hours of his life he spends with her mother.

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

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Hospital Lapino: pregnancy and childbirth

Since many readers are interested 7ya.ru birth in Lapin, we go on a tour of the hospital. For anyone interested in the clinic is held monthly Open Day, during which you can not only watch the House and maternity wards, but also get a free consultation with a specialist.

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

It is evident that the building completely new, all very clean. Chamber in the maternity ward of three types - standard, deluxe and VIP: that is, one-bedroom, two-and three respectively. People are almost invisible - so thought the clinic space to create comfortable conditions for patients and secluded. Prices for delivery in the PMC (Perinatal Medical Center) on the Sevastopol prospectus and in the clinical hospital "Lapino" are the same: from 175 thousand for natural childbirth.

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

The main questions of pregnant women: screening, ultrasound, sick leave

"Technical equipment and the approach that we use in the Perinatal Center at Sevastopol and" Lapino ", if different from the Western, it is only for the better, - says Mark Kurtser. - We have a unique for Russian children's resuscitation adult resuscitation, the latest ultrasound and MRI machines, equipment for blood transfusions and autotransfusion, that is the patient's own blood transfusion. For example, in the United States made to prescribe the patient 12 hours after birth, there is no pediatric home care, we also offer women to stay at least three days. Not to mention the lack of language barriers or cultural differences, for psychological comfort so important after birth. "

Galina Kasyanikova